Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blue Bar Hotel

This little mix just came about while digging through some recent purchases with an eye on the upcoming Everyday Hustle night. It wasn't planned at all, it just emerged from the crates by accident, more or less in this order. There's funk, highlife, soukous, disco, mainly 80s with a bit of 70s stuff.

Diblo & Le Groupe Loketo - S. P. Diblo (Jimmy's Production)
Osibisa - Seaside-Meditation (Island 1975)
Bebe Manga - Lokognolo (Star Musique 1980)
Dianga Chopin et son groupe Les "Black Feeling" - Cheri Rhyma (P. G. Production 1988)
Orchestra Makassy - Mambo Bado (Virgin 1982)
Pablo Lubadika - Tyka 'ngai (Voix d'Afrique 1987)
Orchestra Micky-Micky Bandumba - M'Pembele (Namaco 1976)
Jairos Jiri Band - Mhandu (Kumusha 1988)

The name and picture are taken from the Orchestra Makassy LP, Agwaya.

Also available for download.